War on Christmas?

This time every year there is an outcry over the phrase “Happy Holidays”, and people decry the “war on Christmas”.
This is just silly. Not everyone is Christian, and some Christians refuse to celebrate it because they say it was a pagan holiday called Saturnalia. And a week after Christmas is another holiday, New Year’s.
However, there is a war on Christianity, and it’s been waging for two thousand years. It has been waged by Satan and his army of materialists. They have been fighting God since before the creation of the universe.
Did you ever notice that on the local weather, no matter where in the country you are, when they show the next week’s high and low temperatures, they illustrate Hanukkahs with a menorah, as it should be with a religious holiday. But on Christmas they show Santa or a pagan tree, not a nativity. On Easter they show not a cross, but the pagan fertility symbols eggs and rabbits.
Easter has become not a religious Christian holiday, but secular bullshit devoted to pagan symbols. In fact, “Easter” is a mispronunciation of a pagan fertility god’s name. Why do the weather people always show pagan symbols rather than a Christian cross? Satan was behind it.
This is Satan’s handiwork. So is “black Friday”. Those who worship money have stolen Christians’ second most holy day, turning the day we Christians celebrate into an orgy of commercialism.


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