The Allegations against Joe Biden

When allegations of sexual impropriety came out against presidential candidate Joe Biden, I was flabbergasted. Nothing I had read or seen of film of the man suggested any such thing. Bill Clinton? Yes, I never trusted that shifty-eyed character and voted against him, although he did a good job so I voted for his re-election.
But Biden? He seems to me like a kindly old gentleman, the polar opposite of the boorish thug now in the White House. And if there had ever been a hint of this, how did he become vice president? My novelistís brain started thinking of grandiose conspiracy theories, which I keep to myself because theyíre bullshit.
And then I saw the accuser on TV and am almost sure I know the answer: neither she nor the candidate are lying.
Iíve had a few friends who have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses, including five I remember with schizophrenia. One of them I knew since I was twelve, and even at that age I knew that Tom was crazy, although it was decades before he was diagnosed. He died of a stroke in his fifties.
There are different types of that particular type of disease. Dave was a very talented guitar player who heard voices, and they said very terrible things to him. Heís dead, too, having committed suicide. There was Richard with crazy eyes, which neither Tom nor Dave had. I hadnít seen him for years when I met him at the polls, and his eyes were normal. I didnít even recognize him at first because of that. He told me he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and prescribed Haldol. As long as he had his therapeutic he was as normal as anyone, and was even an election judge.
Then there was Chuck. His eyes didnít look crazy, but they did look sad and distracted, even when he was laughing and in a good mood. Heís no longer with us, either; another stroke.
I never noticed anything weird about Chuck, who said he was an Air Force veteran who flew fighter planes in the Vietnam war. I had no reason to doubt; he looked older than me and I really am a veteran, and what he said sounded sensible. That is, until I found out he was only fourteen when the war ended in 1975. He suffered from schizophrenia, and medication wasnít helping. He truly believed that he was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam.
When I saw the woman on TV I immediately thought of Chuck, whom I havenít seen or thought about in decades. She has the same eyes as Chuck. I personally believe that she really thinks it happened, and Mr. Biden knows it didnít.
That said, my opinion is not a professional one. Iím not a psychiatrist, and even a real psychiatrist wouldnít be able to make a diagnosis from a twenty second TV clip.
So weíre left with a man who has no stain on his integrity that I know of who is being accused of something that happened over a quarter of a century ago by a woman who had been victim of domestic abuse.
Before I present a bullshit conspiracy theory that I made up out of whole cloth, not unlike Nobots, I have to wonder: why in the hell does it matter? Bidenís opponent has BRAGGED of sexually assaulting women, and thereís an infamous recording of it. Heís paid hush money to at least two women, and well over a dozen women have come forward with tales of sexual harassment and sexual assault. To go after Biden with this is the height of hypocrisy.
Clearly, the Republicans only want stupid people to vote for them. But if theyíre that dumb...
Nah, what if my bullshit theory turned out to be true? No matter, even the Mueller investigation did no good at all. And that in itself sounded weird...
AND, like Bill Maher asked, why now? Why not when he ran as vice president? Why not when he first said he would run? Why not when the field was full? Why wait until it could do the most damage? And how much did Trump pay her?


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