Q and the Real “Deep State”

I met the infamous Q first online at K5 before meeting him in person over the July fourth weekend in 2003. He was a white guy between 25 and 35, driving a small black sedan, dressed in black and wearing a black hat, which covered his hair. I wrote about it in the book The Paxil Diaries.
The “Deep State” nonsense started as a joke on K5. Since Trump started running for president an awful lot of people have started taking it seriously.
The thing is, there really is a secret deep state, but George Soros has nothing at all to do with it, and it’s hiding in plain sight.
The Deep State is the people who are decrying it—the very rich who seek to transform America into a Fascist nation. They legally bribe the politicians with “campaign contributions”, who are wholly dependent on them. A politician will do what the NRA, or the coal companies, or the telecommunications companies, any of the giant businesses want or they won’t be re-elected. Period.
THAT is the deep state. If you don’t like the idea of America being run by it, stop voting for party, but pay attention to how your representatives vote. Oh, it helps to not be foolish enough to believe advertising and fraudsters. The Deep State has psychologists and sociologists on staff who know how to make you do anything they want you to.
For example, President Trump pushed mining coal “for jobs” despite the fact that the coal industry is on its last legs; coal is just too dirty and expensive. HE is the deep state, lying like the deep state always does. Jobs? Those coal miners would be far healthier and financially better off say, building windmills or installing solar panels.
And why do I peg Trump as Mister Deep State? Because rather than draining the swamp, he has staffed all the regulatory agencies with heads of or lobbyists for the very industries they’re supposed to be regulating.
He hires foxes to guard America’s hen houses. And some of you will be foolish enough to vote for the Nazi again.
And speaking of Nazis, you should be told that racism is a tool of the rich to keep the rest of us at each others’ throats so we won’t notice who it is who’s holding us down. It isn’t black people, or white people, or Asian people, or Jewish people, it’s rich people.
The deep state got the rabid racist elected President. The deep state isn’t partisan; it got the hugely unpopular Hillary Clinton nominated, and Deep State agents infiltrating Russia worked to make her even more unpopular. Right before the election James Comey put the final nail in the coffin when, as Wikipedia put it, “Many Clinton supporters claim his decisions [to say she was innocent of wrongdoing without actually exonerating her] not long before the 2016 election might have cost her the presidency.”
Face it, Trump is a fraudster and a liar. And you are the butt of the deep state joke that Q started.

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