The Trump Supporter

 I really don’t know where to start; I’m still trying to scrute the inscrutable.
Yesterday was the first of March and a beautiful, sixty degree day, so I decided to spend a couple of hours in Felber’s beer garden. I drove down there, and it was pretty busy, inside. I got a beer and went outside and sat down in the warm sun.
Tim pulled up in his SUV, yelling into his phone, which he put away when he got out. Tim’s a drinking buddy who’s a rebel flag waving redneck, like many of my friends.
He went into the bar mumbling about LINK and came back out and sat down. “I’m having a really shitty day!” he exclaimed after a swig of beer.
“Sorry to hear that,” I said.
“A guy was bragging this morning about buying four hundred bucks worth of LINK for two hundred.”
I shrugged. “It ain’t legal, but people do it.” Driving without a license is illegal, too, but that doesn’t stop Tim.
“Well why don’t they enforce it?” he demanded. “That damned virus crashed the stock market and cost me thirty seven thousand dollars in my 401K. I was going to retire, and these damned people get food stamps.”
He kept ranting about LINK, and everything he thought he knew about it was wrong—my last five years working at DHS was in the bureau that assures LINK accuracy, so I know a lot about that subject. I kept trying to calm him down, but to no avail. He snapped at me once and I just shut up and tried to ignore him.
He apologized, then kept ranting about LINK.
I left after two beers; I’d planned on staying a while longer and walking home since it was so nice, but Tim was too annoying.
Like a bad old song, I couldn’t get the insanity out of my head; he was angry at the wrong people. Poor people on LINK don’t affect the stock market at all. But the ten percent of the population who own sixty percent of the stocks do. They try to sell their stock before it drops too far and then buy something like real estate with it.
But Trump voters blame the poor. At least, one does.


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