A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing

 A year or so ago I saw something shocking on TV: a Christian preacher preaching the opposite of what Jesus taught.
He was the lead pastor of a large local multi-campus church, Eric Hanson. I saw it while flipping through channels.
First he preached fear—fear of terrorists, fear of criminals, fear of crazy people. But Jesus said not to fear those who could kill the body, but those who can kill your soul, like the wolf in sheep’s clothing on the pulpit.
Then he preached hatred for Muslims. He certainly knows about the Good Samaritan and that Jesus said to love everyone, yet he preaches hate!
Then the most outrageous of all. He said everyone should get a concealed carry card and arm themselves like he had! I was completely aghast. Jesus said that those who live by the deadly weapon, die by the deadly weapon. The Bible also speaks of the Armor of God. “If God be with us, who can be against us?”
“If something happened to me, what would happen to my family?” he whines. Apparently this “Christian” preacher doesn’t trust God!
I assume he’s a closet atheist who went into preaching for the same reason that L. Ron Hubbard started the bogus religion he called “Christian Science”, saying to his fellow science fiction writers “the money is in religion.”
Don’t be fooled, read your Bible.


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