No, We’re Not All In This Together

Lately in all media I’ve seen a ton of Ad Council ads; propaganda attempting to convince us we’re all in this together, that everybody hurts as badly as them.
It’s a lie.
Millions are now out of work, many of whom are also suddenly without health insurance. A senator who spent the last decade trying to kill Obamacare hypocritically suggested they get Obamacare. Those people are in a world of hurt, but all we retirees miss is bars and restaurants, the only place many of us could socialize. True, we’re all in this together in that respect, some more than others, but only slightly.
There are those like my daughter, who aren’t being hurt financially but are deemed essential, so where do people with nowhere to go, go? Where she works, for the only reason being that it’s open, risking her and themselves to the danger of this deadly disease. I fear for her.
Contrast her condition with those who can work from home. They were all probably happy as anything at first, plus got the stimulus money as a bonus. Almost a vacation!
There are those like me who are only suffering from a lack of company, while there are couples cooped up at home at each others’ throats. I’ve heard incidents of domestic violence are up markedly. Being punched in the face is worse than being lonesome. That said, I will be glad when the bars open back up.
And when everything is opened back up, we still won’t be “in this together”. We never are. We never have been.


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