Three Administrations

A woman in a bar said she didn’t know who she could vote for, because she didn’t think Biden was up to the task of dealing with a pandemic and a horrible economy. I was so gobsmacked I didn’t know how to answer. It would be like trying to explain why a friend’s “free energy” gizmo couldn’t possibly work. Explaining why it was impossible was impossible.
Of the three administrations in this century, one was excellent and two were abysmal.
The Bush administration inherited peace, a booming economy, and a balanced budget. Gasoline in Springfield was $1.05 per gallon. President Bush and his vice president, Dick Cheney, were both oil men.
The administration was warned of Al Qaeda by the previous administration. They ignored the warnings, and before the administration’s first year was over, Al Qaeda flew two commercial airliners into the World Trade center, another smashed into the Pentagon, and a fourth unsuccessfully tried to smash into the Capitol.
Rather than simply destroying Afghanistan’s infrastructure completely and declaring victory, we are still at war two decades later, the longest war in American history.
Then he went to war with Iraq on the basis of inaccurate intelligence. I believe it was simply revenge for Hussain’s attempte to kill his dad.
Under the Oil Man Administration, gas prices in Springfield went from $1.05 to over five dollars. People had to choose between buying gasoline to get to work, or paying their mortgage, and of course the economy collapsed. Gasoline wasn’t the only cause, of course. I may write an article about the criminal mortgage brokers like Wells Fargo, but not today.
Luckily for America, there were no pandemics in their eight years.
The next administration, President Obama and Vice President Biden, inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, and turned it around and got us out of the recession. When they left office the economy was in better shape than at any time since the 1960s.
They were unable to stop the two wars we were in, but got a huge number of service people out of those countries, and started no new wars.
Biden and Obama were faced with ebola and SARS, and kept us from an epidemic. Other countries had thousands die from those diseases.
In 2009 the world confronted the H1N1 influenza pandemic. Granted, there was a vaccine against that virus, but there was no domestic emergency from it, unlike other nations.
The Obama/Biden administration was by far the most successful administration in this century, successfully battling dangerous diseases and fixing a destroyed economy.
You all know the horrors of the Trump administration, who took the best economy since the 1960s and left with unemployment worse than any time since the Depression, ignored workers’ problems (natural for someone who was born into vast riches), did his damnedest to destroy Social Security and Obama/Biden’s ACA, and gave huge gifts to the ultra-rich.
And you worry about the number two guy in the best administration in this century?? Sorry, but if you do, you're incredibly stupid!


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