Our Sick Society

Back in the late 1970s when I was a long haired, bearded college student, one day I was accosted by a preacher who was holding the Bible he was getting ready to thump. He told me my long hair was a sin.
“Where does it say that?” I asked. He showed me the passage in Deuteronomy that says a man isn't supposed to make himself look like a woman. “You're the sinner, not me,” I informed him. “Long hair on the head is a human trait, but a bald face is a female trait. Where's your beard?”
There is one passage in the Old Testament where some Jewish soldiers are captured by the Philistines, who shaved their faces and sent them home. They were refused entry until their beards grew back.
This man who was supposed to teach the gospel didn't understand the gospel he wanted to teach, instead following the words of men, not God.
Satan has poisoned people's souls. We call a beardless man “clean shaven,” but the shaven face is anything but clean. The shaven face and the short hair came about because of a form of idolatry, the love of money, which the Bible says is the root of all evil.
During the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries, short hair and especially a clean-shaven face was the sign of a rich man, a man with so much money he could afford to see a barber daily or to hire one full-time. Some men, like my grandfather, bought a straight razor and strap, learned to use them, and did the job themselves.
In the 1920s the safety razor was invented, and men, all wanting to look prosperous, started shaving their faces. Before, a man might visit a barber once a month or so, and may or may not have been shaved, but certainly had his beard trimmed.
I have heard of teenagers, when they first sprout the first shadow of a mustache, who have been forcibly shaven. When my first mustache whiskers started to appear, my dad insisted that I shave it off.
All the while, men were socially ostracized for wearing any kind of facial hair; In short making their faces not look like womens' faces. The underground homosexual communities were secretly thriving, despite the fact that sodomy of any sort was illegal. Of course, the Bible says homosexual acts are an abomination to God, who loves all of us but hates what we do. Church people shunned homosexuals, which was actually sick and evil in itself. Their sins are as bad as the homosexuals they hated and shunned.
But it has struck me that since almost all men were removing a man's most prominent secondary sexual characteristic, perhaps the lack of same is a huge contributor of homosexuality? Would a gay man be attracted to a bearded man, or is he confused by the bald face like a woman sports? Science has shrugged, not bothering to study why gays exist at all, considering that it's anti-evolutionary. Where is the curiosity?
It gets worse. Now they allow men to “marry” each other, despite the fact that marriage is supposed to be about starting a family. Now, since not everyone is Christian (maybe Satan worship allows it) it isn't my business, but it points out just how sick the society has...
No, it's even worse. If I told a psychiatrist I was the emperor Napoleon, he would diagnose me with schizophrenia, but if I told him I was a woman he would say I was normal! That's crazy! I have Y chromosomes. That makes me a male and no amount of surgery can change it. If I thought I was a woman (and I thank God I don't), the shrink should figure out why I had that crazy thought and work to correct it.
“Gender neutral” is a human construct, completely unnatural and devoid of any objective reality.
But this is not about sexual perversion. The perverts are few in number compared to everyone, and their sins are no more my business than my sins are theirs. Make no mistake, everyone sins, even the Catholic Pope, who makes his face look like an ugly old woman's every morning.
This is about the sin of idolatry, the love of money.
There are “Christian” churches that teach “the wealth gospel.” These churches are wrong! They are teaching idolatry and will lead their congregations straight to hell.
There are other churches whose pastors are only in it for the money, the reason L. Ron Hubbard, the failed science fiction writer, started the Christian Scientists. He told other SF writers, “religion's where the money is.”
I refuse to wear a necktie. I call it “Satan's leash”. The necktie is a symbol of wealth and power, and men who wear them advertise the fact that they worship money.
It saddens me to see so many clean-shaven men in suits and ties attending a Christian church. Because their true love is money, not our God.
I keep hearing and reading about people claiming that America is a Christian country. If it were, these so-called “Christians” wouldn't be talking about Pagan concepts like Mother Nature and karma, wouldn't have the Pagan symbolism for Easter, a Pagan goddess of fertility, and her rabbits and eggs, on Christianity's holiest day.
One of the biggest barometers of our sick society is that we no longer know the difference between sex and love. Having sex is NOT “making love” unless a baby is produced, and even then, sometimes in our evil society even the baby isn't loved. Some of them wind up in dumpsters. Making love? You're supposed to already be in love with someone to have sex with them.
I was in a small online debate with an atheist who opined “Intelligent design? Having a waste dump next to a playground isn't very intelligent!”
I replied “It's not a playground, you dumb kid, it's a factory! What better place to put a waste dump?”
Then there's “the greatest generation,” my uncles' and my late friend Ralph's generation. That has stuck in my craw since I was a teenager. It was the generation that spawned the likes of Hirohito, Hitler, Rommel, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini. The generation that waged a world war and exterminated millions of human beings. The generation that invented and used atom bombs. The greatest? I'm sure Satan was pretty proud of them.
Satan is certainly laughing at the evangelicals all voting for a man who tried to take away a war widow's home so he could build a parking lot, who was found guilty more than once of racial discrimination, who settled a fraud case, who lies multiple times daily, who was married three times and committed adultery on all three wives, who said “If you're famous you can do anything, even grab 'em by the pussy!”
But I suspect that real Christians are actually rare in America. Christ warned us about wolves in sheep's clothing.


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