The Tool of the Rich

I’ve often said that racism is a tool of the rich to keep everyone else at each others’ throats and their thoughts away from the ones who actually keep everyone else down, the rich. Lately is an example of the tool at work.
The R party, Racist Republicans, were reformed as such after they put the White supremacist self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump in the White House. This loser lost the popular vote twice, both houses of Congress, and had the unmitigated gall to push a huge lie that Biden stole the election, despite losing in court dozens of times and not winning once.
Since the Republican party caters to the rich and panders to the churchgoers, of course they had to somehow stop poor people from voting before they got healthcare or a livable minimum wage. So how to keep those dumb poor people from opposing making voting universal? Most of the dumbest poor people are very racist Whites who are stupid enough to believe that all Blacks are dangerous criminals, so they say they’re “tough on crime” despite opposing a Democrat bill that would increase Federal funding for local cops.
Then they started making it very hard for the poor to vote, making it look like a racist ploy to keep minorities from voting, and the Dumbocrats fell for it. But make no mistake, this was not racism, it was classism (a word the spell checkers mark as misspelled, although the dictionaries are clear).
They don’t give a damn what race or nationality you are, if you’re poor they want you to stay away from the polls. They want it to be like it was before the Constitution was written, when only landowners (i.e., rich people) had the right to vote, like in Europe, where only nobility had the vote.
Don’t be fooled, if you’re not rich, the Republicans have no use for your vote unless you’re stupid. Stop being foolish.

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