Dear Governor Pritzker,

I had high hopes for you, I don't know why. Wishful thinking, I guess. After all, we have yet to have a single governor this century that isn't a complete and utter disaster; two prison-bound felons, one from each party, followed by two ideological and cluelessly bumbling incompetents, one of whom couldn't get a budget passed in his entire single term.
I did worry because after Rauner and Trump, it was obvious that billionaires make shitty chief executives, at least in government. Too many people think government should be run like a business, but you can no more run a government like a business than you can run a business like a government.
But I had high hopes. Especially om January of 2020 when I became a law abiding citizen when Illinois legalized my vice. I think of stories my grandmother told me about Grandpa McGrew, who had a beer making kit in the barn when beer was illegal.
Then you pushed for a constitutional amendment to allow for a graduated income tax, not realizing that in Illinois, we've had way too many liars and crooks in our government to trust that you wouldn't just raise rich peoples' taxes, but everybody's. Of course it failed. You and the legislators should have worded the amendment so that it was obvious you couldn't change it, put the graduation amounts/percentages set in stone, as the current regressive flat tax is.
And then Covid hit, and we saw how utterly incompetent all of our elected officials were, starting with President Nero, who left it to the states, with governors no less incompetent than him.
Of course, a billionaire has no idea what it's like to be a normal person who needs an income. There's no way possible for someone who has never wanted for money, for whom money is a game, can't possibly understand what it's like for a normal person to lose their job, how utterly devastating and horrifying it is.
So he shut down businesses, throwing millions out of work, small business owners and their employees, without a second thought to them. Why would he? He has no idea what it's like!
He wasn't smart, educated, or experienced enough to realize that he was going to need to triple the unemployment offices, he's a billionaire.
So people couldn't get their benefits they deserved. Then, scammers hit and the incompetent Pritzker did nothing, I got a debit card with my unemployment benefits in the mail, but I'm not unemployed and didn't apply for benefits! IDES now owes me for the postage stamp I needed to mail it all back.
Incompetent. And politically motivated. The lion's share of the vaccine went to the northern, Democratic counties, leaving little for downstate.
Then they said, all of a sudden, bars and restaurants could open back up after they changed a rule. So much for those who had been without paychecks because the businesses closed and nobody but fraudsters could get unemployment.
The federal DHS says that those over 65 are eligible for vaccination, but not in Sangamon County, where you have to be 85.
And the news reports said Illinois has only used a third of the vaccine it has shipped.
Governor, don't expect to be re-elected. You've done a terrible job.


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