Dear President Biden,

Thank you for working so hard to rid the White House of the monster, and congratulations for your victory.
I agree with almost everything you've said except one thing: you say marijuana legalization needs more research. Sir, this isn't some scary new drug, it’s a plant that has been consumed before humans even existed. It's been used by people since before alcohol.
After tens of thousands of years, not a single person ever died from it, except perhaps the hapless soul Willy Nelson spoke of who had a two hundred pound bale fall on him.
What's more, it was perfectly legal world-wide until the 1930s, when Congress refused to grant the federal drug agency head Harry Anslinger's request for millions more to fight heroin abuse. Anslinger then pulled a Donald Trump and created a brand new drug menace out of whole cloth, and convinced the gullible fools to outlaw it.
After all, it was the 1930s, when about the only Americans who used “muggles” as it was called back then were Blacks and Hispanics, back when Black lives didn’t matter.
How do I know all this? Before I ever smoked my first joint in 1970 I did what you recently suggested: research. I bought a half dozen books and checked a couple dozen more out of the library, most of which were written by doctors and historians. Not a single one had any damning information.
At the very least, medical science demands that this plant be rescheduled. Putting it with heroin and cocaine has ironically created heroin and cocaine addicts; “They lied about pot, why should I trust them about cocaine?” In fact, I knew a man who switched from pot to smoking crack because they were testing for drugs where he worked. He wound up homeless, as dangerous drugs often do to people.
Pot was outlawed on the basis of bald-faced lies. Please do a service to truth and honesty, two things the Trump administration shredded.
Thank you again.
-Steve McGrew


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