How to Be a Vulcan

Note: this text was written in the summer of 2020
When I heard of ancient Rome’s “plague emperor” who was known as a “philosopher king” I had to look into that, considering our own plague, one that’s already the leading cause of death in America that has caused over a third of a million deaths, and thrown millions out of work leaving poverty and hunger.
Luckily for the ancient Romans, Marcus Aurelius was no Donald Trump. Or rather, unluckily for us (or stupidly for us, as unlike ancient Rome, we elect our leaders), Donald Trump is no Marcus Aurelius. More like Rome’s Emperor Nero.
I sought out his writings, titled Meditations, and found a four hundred year old translation of the original Greek at Gutenberg. I planned to reformat and post it, but the ancient English was unreadable. I had to translate the translation, which in most cases was actually decoding; who today would see “eareh” and have a clue that it was actually “Earth”?
I’ve been working on it for months, and as I’m now intimately acquainted with it, I realize that Gene Roddenberry probably read this book.
The emperor’s philosophy, as a philosopher, was Stoicism, which comes in mighty handy during a deadly pandemic. It also aligns perfectly with the Vulcans, as seen in the Star Trek franchise.
So if you want to learn how to be a Vulcan, just read the book. I just posted it at, there are printed versions available, and it will be in bookstores soon.


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