Race and the Bible

 I’ve been going over the King James Bible and replacing obsolete words and idioms with modern equivalents, adjusting punctuation to match today’s rules, spellings to match modern spellings, and sometimes moving words around when it sounds like Yoda.
I decided to do this several years ago when I had decided to read it cover to cover, reading a chapter a day every morning. I’m now making it readable a chapter a day without changing meaning like the other modern Bibles do. A while back I started posting each chapter I modernized, on Facebook.
As I write this, I’m on Nehemiah. Commenting in one of the posts, my daughter commented that it looked like it said you’re not supposed to marry outside your race. But that’s not what it was about at all. Not race, but religion. The God of Abraham is a jealous God who is furious when one of His chosen people worships an idol, or a Pagan god.
The passage was about Jews marrying from neighboring countries, all of whom were Pagans who worshiped idols and other false gods, and when a Jew married one of them, he often took up Pagan practices himself. This was Israel’s downfall time and again, until He was fed up enough that He took their homeland away and scattered them over the Earth, then in the middle of the previous century His wrath was so fierce he let Satan loose on them in the person of Adolph Hitler.
Jesus talks about race in the New Testament, Luke 10:27 Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself. When asked who is my neighbor, he told the story of the good Samaritan.
The Jews hated the Samaritans like the KKK hates American blacks. They were a different race, nationality, and they were Pagans.
Christians aren’t allowed to hate. Or worship idols, especially our green paper idols. Marrying a spouse who worships that idol runs rampant in this nation, because the worship of riches is our primary religion, another thing the Bible warns about.

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