Stopping the Gun Violence

 Shooting people is already illegal. So how do laws stop people who ignore laws? Stop helping those who help those who break those laws. Specifically, gun laws.
Recently, a six year old shot his first grade teacher (were teachers in season?). Of course, you’re not going to put a six year old in prison, but his mother, who owned the gun, should be in prison for her criminal negligence. At the very least, she should be charged with endangering the life of a minor. The last I heard she faces no charges at all, despite the fact that she knew her son was dangerous. She should not have owned that firearm. Having it in the house was criminally stupid.
When a Chicago gang banger sprays his neighborhood with bullets, do you think he went through a background check to make sure he wasn’t a felon who was prohibited from owning a gun? In most cases the answer is a definite hell no. They stole it from someone who should have secured it, or someone legally bought it and sold or gave or loaned it to him. In the case of someone whose gun was secured but still stolen (no lock is foolproof), and they reported it to the police, they should not suffer.
But someone who provides, or especially sells guns to those prohibited from having them should serve prison time, and if the guns were illegally sold, the fine on top of the sentence should be ten times the value of the gun, and guns ain’t cheap.
When a gas station robber is caught, that gun has a serial number. Trace it, we have computers today, nobody needs to root through filing cabinets looking for the number. Find its owner, and if it’s not been reported stolen, lock him up for a few years and fine the hell out of him.
Come to think of it, if I walk into a liquor store with a friend and he robs it, I’ll go to jail for armed robbery. That’s the law today. If my buddy shoots the proprietor, I will also be charged with murder. So if you loan someone a gun and he shoots someone, why aren’t you charged with murder or attempted murder?
Keeping guns out of the hands of the law abiding helps no one.

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