Classified Transparencies

President Biden’s lawyers found a few classified documents last November in an office he used after he was Vice President, and he immediately informed the Archives and other authorities. Then they started searching in earnest, and found more in a box in his garage and an adjoining room, mixed with private documents.
The “liberal” media found out about it this month and went absolutely insane, screaming “Where’s the transparency you promised us?”
Joe Biden’s job isn’t to inform the American people of his every little fuckup, that’s the media’s job itself. He could have done what Trump would have done and shredded the documents, and nobody would have been the wiser. But being an honest man, unlike his predecessor, he went about it by the book. He didn’t hide anything.
Someone should inform those who are charged with informing us that a window is still transparent even when nobody is looking at it.
What the “liberal” media won’t tell you is that “liberal media” is a lie in America, told by America’s people’s true enemies, its ultra-rich, like the Sacklers, Waltons, and Kochs. The media are owned by selfish, greedy billionaires who don’t even pretend to care if you live or die. Black lives matter? To them, only rich lives matter, and no poor life, White, Black, or Asian, matters.
There are two media, the entertainment media and the news media. The greedy, selfish, amoral 1% own almost all of both types of media, and have been trying for the last half century to combine the two; witness the network morning news shows leading off about a football game when there were dozens killed in an airplane crash and dozens more in Ukraine were murdered by the terrorist state Russia’s president with a huge missile.
To the amoral, soulless 1% who own the networks, the football game is more important than people’s lives. After all, they own football teams, they need the media a lot more than a murderous foreign terrorist who, by the way, controls atom bombs. But tell the news of the game first, despite the fact that anybody who gave a damn already watched the game! After all, it’s the rich people who own that game, they don’t give a damn about democracy, and in fact are jealous of Russia’s authoritarian government and its easy loot for their evil oligarch class.
The entertainment media have been liberal for decades; bread and circuses don’t matter to the owners, although entertainment media started becoming more “conservative” (meaning authoritarian) with Dirty Harry. It’s their wealth. But all of the network news shows are conservative, with some, like Fox and Sinclair, going all the way to the Fascist right.
Their wholly owned media will say “I don’t want to hear about class warfare” while waging it against Americans. If the media were liberal, let alone transparent, they would inform you young ignorant fools that in 1965 when I was thirteen the federal minimum wage was a living wage, and America had no working poor. They wouldn’t hide the fact that when my dad was eight in 1940, the lowest taxable income rate was four times the median income. These are all facts that you can easily look up.
There are still a few liberal newspapers; the Illinois Times is pretty liberal. Mother Jones is as liberal as Fox is conservative. But liberal papers are few and far between, and there are no liberal TV news outlets.
Thanks to the media, the meaning of a lot of words has become rather fuzzy. To a working class conservative, he wants to conserve social norms, like marriage and heterosexuality. That’s nothing at all like a rich conservative, who may be Jeffery Epstein or some other child molester. All they want to conserve is what is theirs: their wealth, power, and privilege. Liberals didn’t kill Aunt Jeremiah, the rich conservatives who own the food company who owned her did. It’s not about Uncle Ben, it’s about the Benjamins.
It seems to me that the only people who aren’t being transparent are the media itself. But don’t expect them to be transparent about the fact that they are owned by rich conservatives who were born rich and want to continue becoming richer and richer until everything collapses like it did in 1929. There are no patriotic billionaires and never have been.

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