A little advice for a Terrorist War Criminal

You fucked up. Big time. You surely know it by now, you've lost more troops in a month than we Americans did in twenty years of Afghanistan and twice as many as your ten year attempt to control that country. Plus, you've lost half a dozen generals, at least one of whom was a lieutenant general; that's three stars for non-veterans, the military's second highest rank.
Our previous president, your puppet, tried to smooth the way for you to take Ukraine. First, he completely dismissed NATO and suggested we should disband it. It would look to you like we were weak (especially considering Trunp, an incredibly weak little man) and so was NATO. You thought your puppet would be re-elected by hook or by crook, and nobody would be on Ukraine's side. It's obvious that you have been planning the invasion for a long time.
You also don't understand how much free people value our freedom. Your soldiers are just doing a job, but the Ukrainians are defending their freedom, their nation, their very existence. Your pathetic comrades don't stand a chance.
Do what you do best: lie. Proclaim that with President Zelensky's promise not to join the European Union that you have succeeded in your "special military operation" and the heroic Russian troops will be returning to the fatherland in victory.
Didn't your puppet teach you anything?

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