Note: I wrote this song in 1985 when I was a young 33, before my hair was gray or my eyesight dimmed. I was younger than my children are now. The chords are, of course, A, G, and E. It has not been seen by anyone.
My carís leaking oil,
The radiatorís starting to boil.
Itís a 1972.
Let me tell you, it ainít new.
Itís got A G E.
It has a history.
Time wonít let you be,
It gives you A G E.
Once it was shiny and clean,
A factory fresh machine.
It was really keen,
But it has lost its sheen.
My computerís on the blink,
It got too old to think.
The weirdest thing youíve ever seen,
Whoever heard of a senile machine?
My guitarís busted a string;
I guess itís too old to sing.
My amp has blown a fuse,
I guess it has nothing to lose.
The world is reputed
To be very polluted.
The landís all been sold.
I guess it got old.
It must be a disease that catchesó
My records are covered with scratches.
Iím feeling a bit of a funk
Surrounded by all of this junk.
I used to be young and bold
When this story hadnít been told.
This song is covered with mold,
I guess itís getting old.
I used to be full of fire,
A real live wire.
I would be a liar
If I said my hand donít tire.
These wrinkles are getting to me.
My hair is as gray as can be.
My eyes are too dim to see
I got A G E!
I got A G E.
I have a history.
Time wonít let me be,
It gave me A G E.

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