Socialism and Capitalism

Capitalism is a force for good, if restrained. Unrestrained capitalism is a force for evil. In the middle of the twentieth century unrestrained capitalism led to the German Nazis and the Italian fascists.
The fascists in Italy and the communists in the USSR claimed their governments to be socialist, despite the fact that under communism, government controls industry, while a fascist government is controlled by industry.
In a socialist government, like some European nations, capital works for society, which controls government and regulates industry so that it benefits society. In a capitalist country, like the USA (which keeps creeping farther away from socialism and closer and closer to Fascism), society works for capital, to the benefit of the rich and the detriment to everything and everyone else.
It pollutes the planet, but capitalism as practiced in America doesn’t care. It impoverishes people, but capitalists don’t care. It causes crime and violence, but capitalists don’t care. Capitalists only care about money.
Capitalism worships money. Many capitalists claim to be Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Hindu, but none of them really are; as the Christian Bible says, no one can serve two masters; he will love the one and hate the other; and the love of money is the root of all evil.
Many Christians think capitalism is good, and socialism is evil, because so many socialists are humanist, atheist, or even Satanists. But socialism is neither humanist (although it is good for humans), atheist, nor Satanic. It has nothing to do with any religion, or lack of one. It says society should control government and industry, not the other way around.
The capitalists have caused American minds to be really twisted. They have not only made socialism to sound like heresy (which it is, to one who worships money), but the word liberal, as well. But look what those words really mean: liberal and generous are synonyms, as are conservative and stingy. If you call yourself a conservative, you’re saying you’re stingy and will refuse to share.
Do you want a stingy America or a generous America?


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