Mystery of the Missing Quotes

Strange things have been happening to Mostly, I'll open one of the books there and discover that its quotation marks and apostrophes were missing. At first thought, I wondered if my website had been hacked, but discarded that thought almost immediately. Maybe it was something with the host? Perhaps it's cheap because there's an unknown problem?
The first one I found was The Paxil Diaries. I commented the HTML by chapter out (a way to make something on the page invisible) until I would get around to fixing it.
Then watching the PBS News Hour I discovered a book I wanted to read, Percival Everett's James. It is the story of Huckleberry Finn and the enslaved Jim's travel down the Mississippi river from the escaped slave's point of view.
The ebook was fifteen bucks, the hardcover only another five. I bought the hardback, and decided to re-read Huckleberry Finn while I waited for its delivery. When I opened the copy on the website into my tablet, about three paragraphs in I discovered that like The Paxil Diaries, its quotation marks were missing. So I started working on fixing it, which actually entailed redoing the whole thing.
Then last night I decided that maybe I should remove it until it was fixed, so I loaded up the three indexes; there's a main index for desktops, with a couple of lines of javascript to call the index that actually fits in a phone, and a dedicated desktop index. I commented out the Twain link in each of the indexes.
Then this morning I pulled the version of the site on the computer up, and all of the bullet points, asterisks, and quote marks were turned into garbage! I hurriedly pulled the online site up, and it was likewise full of garbage in each index!
It wasn't a hacker, or my cheap web host (whom I wholeheartedly advise using if you need a web site), it was the evil Microsoft's awful text editor and operating system!
Maybe I should start doing all of my web work in the Linux computer, despite its "text editor" that has way too many unneeded features, annoyingly so.
But it's not as annoying as a God damned billion dollar company's negligence fucking up my work.


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