The Federalist Impeachment

When the president of the United States referred to the “phony emoluments clause” I decided to explain to everyone why that particular clause (also called the “Title of Nobility Clause”), which is not in any way phony and is, in fact, in the Constitution, and is not a single clause but several. These clauses not only apply to the president, but any Constitutional officeholder.
So I decided to add the Federalist Papers to It was written to explain the Constitution to the people of the new nation, and to convince them to ratify it. In it is not only the explanation of why the emoluments clauses are in it, but explains why our government is structured as it is.
I got the text from a page from and reformatted it, and fixed a few things that were wrong with it. For instance, there are at least two OCR errors in the version, and several footnotes marked but with the explanations missing. I corrected the errors, and found the missing explanations in other sites.
I added several other goodies, too. If your device has a mouse, mousing over a footnote mark displays the actual bookmark. For a phone, tablet, or other mouseless computer you’ll have to click the footnote.
This book, written over two centuries ago, shows that the emoluments clause and the parts that describe impeachment were written specifically for someone like Donald Trump. You can read it here.


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