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Sorry I havenít written

Sorry I havenít written, but Iíve been spending all my time working on my cookbook. Iíve even gotten way behind on my reading; there are four copies of F&SF I havenít even cracked open yet.
It isnít the TTL Cookbook, someone else wrote that one a few decades ago. I highly recommend it, if you can find a copy. It describes how all the circuits in a computer work, down to the individual components within the chips; transistors, capacitors, resisters, etc.
This cookbook is a culinary cookbook. Five hundred old family recipes covering breakfast, lunch, brunch, deserts, drinks, and snacks, an herb and spice guide over twenty pages long, hundreds of illustrations, and detailed information about people, places, things, and histories connected to many of the recipes.
The recipes themselves come from a cookbook my grandmotherís family compiled a few decades ago. Many come from popular southern restaurants that were owned and run by family members.
Itís almost ready for publication. I need to take a few more photos at Humphreyís Market tomorrow and add them to the book, but other than that itís finished and ready to have bound copies printed.
Now I can get back to science fiction.


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