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Sixteen: The Final Chapter

It's that time of year again. The time of year when everyone and their dog waxes nostalgic about all the shit nobody cares about from the year past, and stupidly predicts the next year in the grim knowledge that when the next New Year comes along, nobody will remember that the dumbass predicted a bunch of foolish shit that turned out to be complete and utter balderdash. I might as well, too. Just like I did last year (yes, a lot of this was pasted from last year's final chapter). Except I didn't do it here until now; it's been at Soylent News since their inception, and at slashdot since 2007, shortly after they instituted journals. Previously I had posted them at kuro5in, and before that I'd had my own web sites. They're included in Random Scribblings and The Paxil Diaries.
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As usual, first: the yearly index:
Random Scribblings
the Paxil Diaries
Useful Dead Technologies Redux
The Old Sayings Are Wrong
How to digitize all of your film slides for less than ten dollars
GIMPy Text
The 2016 Hugo convention
The Science of Genesis
Santa Killed My Dog!
My Generation 21st Century
Book reviews
Stephen King, On Writing
Vachel Lindsay, The Golden Book of Springfield
J. D. Lakey, Black Bead
Scince Fiction:
Wierd Planet
The Muse
Dewey's War
The Naked Truth
The Exhibit
Trouble on Ceres
Last years' stupid predictions (and more):
Last year I said I wasn't going to predict publication of Voyage to Earth and Other Stories, and I was right, it's nearly done. So this year I do predict that Voyage to Earth and Other Stories will be published. I'm waiting for Sentience to come back from Motherboard, who's been hanging on to it since last February. I may have to e-mail them and cancel the submission if it isn't back by this February.
I'll also hang on to last year's predictions;
Someone will die. Maybe you, maybe me. Not necessarily anybody I know... we can only hope.
SETI will find no sign of intelligent life. Not even on Earth.
The Pirate Party won't make inroads in the US. I hope I'm wrong about that one.
US politicians will continue to be wholly owned by the corporations.
I'll still be a nerd.
Technophobic fashionista jocks will troll slashdot (but not S/N).
Slashdot will be rife with dupes.
Many Slashdot FPs will be poorly edited.
Slashdot still won't have fixed its patented text mangler.
Microsoft will continue sucking
And a new one: DONALD TRUMP WILL (gasp) BE PRESIDENT OF THE US!!! God help us all! (He can't possibly be worse than George H. Bush or James Buchanan, can he?)
Happy New Year! Ready for another trip around the sun?


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