Huckleberry Finn

A couple of months ago the Pulitzer-nominated author Percival Everett was on the PBS Newshour talking about his new book, James. It was Huckleberry Finn, only it was the enslaved Jim's version. I wanted to read it; if the guy had been nominated for a Pulitzer he must be a damned good writer, and the idea intrigued me, so I ordered it from Amazon and decided to re-read the version Twain wrote.
I discovered that the book on was missing all of its quotation marks and asterisks, and a few other punctuation marks. I quickly removed it from the index.
I've been working to restore the missing punctuation, and will have it back on the site in a few days or a couple of weeks. It's still on the site, but different and not indexed, and is still in an alpha state.
Its quotations aren't "smart quotes" any more; Microsoft's amateur operating system has fits. I should work on it on the Linux computer. The problem had cropped up once before and I'd fixed it, but I've forgotten what the cause was, so it will temporarily have "dumb quotes".
Also, there were three versions: the index, for computers with monitors, with a bit of javascript code to JMP to the mobile code if it's opened in a phone or tablet, with a link to a second desktop version that doesn't throw you back to the mobile version.
The index and desktop versions had some of the original typeface, which simply doesn't work on a phone; way too small to read, as rather than type, it's an illustration from the original century-old version. As it stands, the mobile version's illustrations are far too low a resolution for a large monitor and don't look very good at all.
It's at the testing stage now, and my proofreading is at chapter twenty, halfway through. I'm redoing the illustrations at a higher resolution as I proofread, using the illustrations from the version converting them from the brown on its version to a black and white grayscale that would look like the original book from the 1890s. I'll add them after everything is finished.
When I'm finished proofreading, I'll add it back to the index. You can read the alpha version now at When I solve the quotation problem again, I'll redo the whole thing. It will be seamless to you, except "alpha" and "beta" will be gone, the pictures will look much better, and I'm hopeful I'll fix the "dumb quote" problem.


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